Shaghayegh Jangali was born in September 1982 and has a bachelor`s degree in architecture.

In 2001, she immigrated to the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and started her career in this country in the same year.

Her first job position in this country was the responsibility of the car dealership office and in 2004 she entered the investment and real estate market of the UAE and continues to work in the field of real estate sales as a consultant in Dubai and at the same time in various matters including administrative financial consulting, company registration, specializes in business investment and UAE residency and provides these services to customers.

In 2011 to continue her father`s path and family business, she entered the production and investment sector in the field of wood and following this decision she built Jangali`s wood products industries workshop. The factory is still active in Iran and is recognized by the name of Jangali`s wood industries with the website of

Currently fully specialized and professional in the field of buying and selling, mortgage and real estate rental in the UAE, startup of various businesses in the UAE from initial consultation to income generation and profitability of the desired job and consulting for lifestyle in this country is ready to help you dear ones.